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Dog Training Camps

Obedience training at boot camps for dogs is a solution for difficulties in dog’s behavior. Such camps can be highly effective in achieving the desired results. If your dog is continuously barking, hostile towards you or your friends and family, chewing at every thing in the house that is dear for you, then time spent in such a training camp can correct all these.

Dogs can react differently to being taken to such camps. Some might enjoy the possibility of more exercise, being around other dogs and even changing their environment. Even if there is no camp that can guarantee 100% satisfaction, it is still a good idea to try one.

In most cases, your dog will have to live there for the period of training. In case you live close to such a camp, there is the possibility of taking your pet there just for the courses in obedience training and take it home during the night. Such a camp can offer programs that last from one week to a whole month.

What your dog will learn are basics first. Things such as sit down, come when called, stand, stay or walk on a loose leash. The program is aimed at teaching them not to jump on people or on foods and treats. There are camps that can tailor a program for your dog’s specific needs, which of course will cost more.

Before deciding on a training camp, you should do some research and avoid those that employ methods based on punishment. A training camp should provide methods that encourage your dog’s good behavior without having to resort to mistreatment.

The reward method is more effective in enforcing good behavior. Whenever the dog obeys a command, it can be encouraged with positive statements
and offered a treat. You can try this yourself at home and see how it works. Start with a command for your dog to eat the food after you had put it in his bowl. If you are used to just leave it there while you go away, your dog might not understand that you are the source providing him with food.

First, make him sit, then put the bowl down. He will understand then that you are the food provider and the one who controls it. The pack leader controls the food in a wild environment. Only after the leader of the pack has given his consent will the next dogs in the hierarchy eat. What you need to do is make your dog see you as a leader.

If this worked, try to make him sit before letting him go outside. Again, this enforces the idea of you as his leader. You have to be the one that goes out the door first and into the house when you are back. When you take him for a walk on a leash, you should use the leash to guide him and correct his behavior. When you spend time with your dog to train him, focus on only one command at a time, otherwise he will get confused.

Improving Camping Toilets

Do you dread the thought of having to use the toilet facilities when you go on a camping trip? You’re not alone in such thoughts. Many people are concerned by the poor quality of bathroom amenities provided at many camp sites. In this article we take a look at the toilet options that you have available to you. Although facilities aren’t so bad in some sites, there can be quite a bit of variation from one camp site to the next.

You won’t even find consistency within a single country, or even within a particular region. This can certainly be witnessed here in the UK where standard are good at some sites but still very poor in others. So what can be done to improve things?

Many of us tend to be rather too reticent about speaking up and look to avoid confrontation. This means that we often fail to complain when we really have a good case to do so. The case of camping toilets is a perfect example of this. When faced with poor quality toilets that are lacking in terms of hygiene, we really should be prepared to make a complaint. If we don’t do so then there’s little chance of things improving. So the message has to be that you should complain if you find that something’s not up to scratch.

What about if the camp site owner simply won’t listen to your complaints? In that case I would suggest that you may need to vote with your feet – look for an alternative site where the facilities are as you would expect.

Are there any other options? One course of action that many people are looking to take is to travel with their own camping toilets. That may sound like an unusual solution but more and more manufacturers are looking to provide camping toilets that can be used in this way.

Let’s take a look at how portable camping toilets work. There are numerous different types available but one sort have been creating a few headlines. A new generation of products are now fully environmentally friendly – that means that you can be confident in knowing that you can have the hygiene standards that you require, while still being friendly to the great outdoors.

This is a big step forward and is particularly good news for those of us who liked the idea of portable camping toilets but hated the thought of having to make use of potentially damaging chemicals. When it comes to camping trips, don’t settle for facilities that aren’t up to the standards that you require – as you can see, there are plenty of options available to you.