Helpful Advice and Tips on Winning Back Ex Girlfriends

Losing the love of someone you love very much can be a devastating experience. Those who have had this experience are aware of the grief that is involved. It feels as though an important part of you is not there and it can be difficult to find the enthusiasm to get up and face the day without her love. Unsurprisingly it is not difficult to find tips on winning back ex girlfriends.

There are numerous articles and books dedicated to the matter of getting back with exes. Furthermore, your friends and family may also offer their suggestions. One of the challenges is that tips on winning back ex girlfriends can often be conflicting. How do you decide which tips on winning back ex girlfriends are worth using?  The truth is that winning back an ex can be challenging and if you go with your initial gut instincts you could actually steer her away for good. 

What To Watch Out For

One of the best tips on winning back ex girlfriends concerns pleading. The first thing you feel like doing is phoning or emailing her to tell her you still love her and cannot exist without her. Nothing will repel a woman faster than having her believe that you are desperate and needy.  If you get back with your ex it should be because you would like to be with her, rather than because you need her. 

Another of the more constructive tips on winning back ex girlfriends is to steer clear of using deceitful strategies. Bribery and blackmail should be avoided. Mind games and threats of physically hurting yourself should be avoided. Do not give her flowers or swear her that you are going to change. Do not date other women for the single reason of attempting to make her jealous. Women have seen these tricks and games and they will not be impressed by them.  

What You Should Do

If you bother your ex or refuse to give her any breathing space after you break up she will be glad that you are not together. Those tips on winning back ex girlfriends that suggest that you avoid all contact for a while are very valid. Give your ex a chance to miss you and wonder if she made the right decision when she decided to break up with you. Do not email her, call her or go to the areas you know she is likely to be for at least one month after you break up. 

Do ask yourself questions about why you and your ex broke up. What were the main reasons that the breakup happened? Were you thoughtful towards your girlfriend and did you pay due attention to the things she said? Did you devote enough time to her? Was there any flaw that she said you needed to fix? If you do not acknowledge the actual reasons for the breakup and make an effort to work on them there is no sense in getting back together. 

Of all tips on winning back ex girlfriends the most important is to avoid becoming depressed. Do not sit at home distressing about the past as this is counterproductive. In its place socialize and do the things you used to do before you were together. Be the man you where when she was first attracted to you.  If she eventually calls you then meet up with her and be friendly, but stay cool and collected.