Travel Insurance Destination Report – South America

South America is one of the world’s great tourist destinations. Good travel insurance takes the worry out of your holiday, and lets you concentrate on having fun.

General note on safety: Crime is a major problem in some parts of South America. It is strongly recommended that travelers ensure full insurance coverage of property and take appropriate security measures regarding property and identity documentation.


Brazil is one of the world’s most popular tourist and business destinations. It’s now firmly entrenched as a global “must see”, with eco-tourism and Carnivale as added attractions.

  • Health – Health care services vary from the ultramodern to the very basic, depending on location. Tropical temperatures are also a problem for some travelers from temperate environments.
  • Safety – Crime in Brazil is a problem, particularly street crime. Tourists are targeted, and theft is a significant potential hazard. Most importantly there are some real “no go” zones in the major cities, notably the “barrio” areas.
  • Insurance – Full insurance coverage with extras is very strongly advised, because. the comprehensive travel insurance packages provide good value and cover all requirements.


Argentina is Brazil’s main rival for tourist dollars, and a growing destination for business travelers. The famous pampas and mountains are major drawcards.

  • Health – There are no major health or disease issues, but quality of health care may vary considerably depending on location.
  • Safety – Argentina is considered a good tourist destination, with only minor big city crime issues.
  • Insurance – A customized travel insurance policy with appropriate extras is recommended.


Peru is a unique tourist destination, attracting many visitors to its spectacular cultural heritage and mountains.

  • Health – This is a high altitude country, and may pose a risk to people with respiratory issues. Health care facilities are mainly confined to major cities like Lima. Some areas are considered unhealthy due to poor sanitation and lack of amenities.
  • Safety – Peru is considered a safe tourist destination, but local politics and some minor but ongoing conflicts in remote areas are hazards.
  • Insurance – A customized travel insurance policy, with tailored extras is recommended

Inca Trail/Macchu Picchu

The Inca Trail is the classic remote area experience, a real “trip of a lifetime”. It’s one of the most popular of all South American tourist destinations.

  • Health – Although the tourist trade is well catered for, it also includes a series of places in uninhabited or sparsely inhabited areas and some possibility of severe climate issues.
  • Safety – Traveling in the high Andes does involve some physical risks. Travelers are strongly advised to observe all safety instructions and safeguards.
  • Insurance – A standard travel insurance policy with any extras considered appropriate will cover the requirements of this trip.

Tip: In South America, travel to several countries is a common practice, and international travel insurance which covers all concerns and personal needs is strongly recommended. It’s well worth investigating online travel insurance. You can get excellent cheap travel insurance, at very good rates.