How To Get A Candid View Of Your Hotel Room Before Booking It

Undoubtedly, many travelers would benefit if they were able to see real, candid views of their hotels before they actually stayed in them. There is a website that was designed to do just that, TVtrip. This is an independent web site whose sole goal and purpose is to allow visitors the unique opportunity to explore hotels before setting foot in them. How do they plan to achieve this? They send film crews to visit the hotels, and take videos of them. That way, you the traveler can see the area you will be staying in, and the quality of the room before you book. It could make all the difference whether you actually book the hotel or not.

Since all the hotel videos are taken by professionals, they only have a limited number of hotels listed, although the listings do cover most major cities, such as London and Glasgow in the UK, and Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam are included in their European coverage.

The site seems like a great idea. You select where you will be visiting, and they give you a listing of hotels in the area. Choose a hotel that interests you. Next, you get a details page which displays a helpful map of the area, a detailed description of the hotel, a list of amenities available, and a complete video-breakdown of the hotel. The video would include an overview, and a look around the different rooms they have available at the hotel you selected.

The site seems to be housed on a good server, the videos are clear and crisp and buffer very quickly, then stream smoothly without any stuttering or pausing. The videos give you a very good indication of the size and quality of the room, and there is no ‘clever camera work’ done to make the rooms look bigger or nicer than they really are. The good thing is that if the hotel is in a rather run-down looking part of town, that is clear on the overview too. You won’t surprised to see the hotel location once you get there, you will know about it in advance.

Unfortunately, there is a problem worth mentioning here. The main problem lies in the limited hotel coverage of the website. We travel quite regularly, and go to a number of different countries, but the cities that we tend to visit are not included in TVTrip , most likely because they are not common tourist destinations. Only one place we pass through regularly is included, London, and the listings they have are all expensive, high class hotels which are mostly out of my price range.

If you are someone who visits ‘tourist cities’ frequently, and can afford to stay in more expensive hotels, then this web site will save you a lot of disappointment. If you are faced with a choice between an expensive three star hotel, or a cheaper four star one, and the lack of a swimming pool is not important, then TVTrip may help you make an informed choice based upon the size and quality of the room, instead of taking a gamble based on the hotels own photographs, or trying to guess if the ‘user’ reviews on tourist sites are accurate.

It is worth checking TVTrip on the off chance that the hotel you are considering is listed, but until the site expands to cover more hotels we think it is just a nice idea, and a fun tool. Apparently, they plan to allow visitors to share their own videos, and when that happens, we think it will really take off, and that it will be something that every traveler should consult before booking their hotel.

Working As a Food Engineer

Food engineers perform a wide variety of jobs, and these jobs are incredibly important in terms of food safety and quality. Students who wish to become food engineers often complete a bachelor’s degree in agriculture or food science before entering the field. They must learn the rules of safety, preparation and storage, and the chemical processes that result in the creation of new products. Since these jobs are so important to the health and welfare of the general population, food engineers actually play a much more important role than many people believe. They tend to work for companies such as Frito Lay, Nabisco, Tyson, and other large processing companies to ensure that the food put on the market is of high quality and is safe to consume.

Other engineering jobs for food engineers involves working for agencies such as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). These regulatory agencies provide jobs in engineering to professionals who can help them monitor the quality of new products and to make sure that farmers and other agriculturalists are following food safety measures. Other engineering jobs may be offered to individuals looking to create new products such as pharmaceuticals or supplements.

Another popular area for jobs in engineering for food safety specialists involves creating new storage equipment that will help maintain high-quality products for longer periods of time. These individuals may work with companies like Walmart or other food distributors to consult on new methods for food preservation and quality control. They may also conduct research on certain foods to see what the ideal storage conditions are for these items and design plans for implementing these conditions in the stores.

Working as a food engineer requires several important skills, including organization, attention to detail, creativity, and excellent analytical skills. Food engineers may have to create reports about food safety precautions, regulatory measures, or reviews of restaurants and their food safety hazards. Therefore, strong writing skills are also an advantage in this field.

Beach Wedding Invitations – An Increasingly Popular Wedding Destination

Beach Wedding Invitations have become very popular with young people and families wishing to have an alternative wedding. As opposed to spending out thousands upon thousands of pounds at home on a day and an evening wedding, people are now deciding to go abroad with family and friends, taking a party with them and enjoying the tropical paradise these all offer. Beach Wedding Invitations can include palm trees, the sandy beaches, the crystal blue waters and the coral and seashells. Not only having a day to remember on the wedding but enjoying maybe a week or two weeks with family and friends and creating many happy memories.

You could be walking barefoot on the sand to take your wedding vows. There are many destinations to choose from, many budgets as well. Apart from the wedding itself, you’ll have a holiday period with your family and friends. This can involve the wedding, evening leisure, discos and bars. Enjoying the daytime with the little children making sandcastles. Sailing, canoeing, snorkeling, beach volleyball, all these entertainments and services you’ll find on your holiday.

When you arrange beach wedding invitations, you need to make sure that people know well in advance, more so than the normal wedding. Say twelve months in advance. This is because people need to know, to book holidays with their companies who they work for and this could be a twelve-month period in advance. So it’s advisable, if you’re going for a destination and taking a party with you that you should send out a save-a-date card. This will indicate the date you are going away for your wedding, where you’re going and who’s invited. This gives people plenty of time to book any holidays and reply to you as showing their commitment. Once the save-a-date has gone out, you will send out a full Beach Wedding Invitations indicating the destination, and any further details plus hopefully receiving a full commitment from them. As you are making the wedding plans for the whole party, you need to make sure that everyone who has committed to coming males their payment and sorts out their details.

That’s the beach wedding invitations talk! Now where to find beach wedding invitations? There are many specialists who produce this genre of wedding invitations. You can find in wedding magazines, in classified ads. You can find in print shops in your local streets or street. You could even go on the Internet, where there is abundance of people offering their services as beach wedding invitation specialists.

We are specialists in Beach Wedding Invitations. We have a large range of designs for you. You can pick any of the items we have or any of the designs or you can cherry pick your best parts, whether it be typeface, destination, style . You can cherry pick or you can design your own. We have a service which is second to none in quality and service. If you want an individual one which we don’t cater for and you want to be seen in Thailand at a certain hotel, tell us what it is and we will design it for you.

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What is the Culture and Nature of a Filipina Wife?

Wondering what it would be like to be married to a beautiful Filipina?

There is no escaping the exotic beauty of a Filipina. How confusing it is though that on the “outside”, the Philippines appears to be on one of the most Westernized countries in Asia. English is prevalent everywhere you go, and most all signs are in English. Filipinos have taken to the Western culture voraciously, in dress, slang, fast-food, movies and music, and so forth.

Yet, underneath this veneer lies an Asian soul. Filipinos share many of the same values and attitudes with other Asians. If you fail to realize the fa├žade of the English language, and the Filipina lady will act, react and think like a Westerner, you will commit many social and personal relationship blunders that could have long lasting effect. What specifically are some of the differences in the culture and nature of a Filipina wife?

1. The Filipina has been taught since childhood to be faithful, sincere, grateful and obedient. Culturally, from her mother, her aunties and from the church she has been instructed in the skills and duties to please a man. Instinctively she knows how to keep him content and how to create a comfortable atmosphere in the home. Strongly ingrained in their being is the respect for their parents as being most sacred.

2. A Filipina wife understands that in a family, as in any living organism, two heads attached to the body creates a monster. They therefore cherish and heavily value a man who leads. They are very comfortable following and allowing the husband to make the final decisions. They realize that at the end of the day, after all discussion has been had regarding a decision, it is the man’s responsibility to lead, and their responsibility to follow.

3. The Filipina is still very conservative. She knows that she must be faithful and respective to her husband. She will never have another man in her life while she is married.

4. In a dispute situation, the Filipina will go out of her way to avoid any direct confrontation. She will not “get in your face”; rather, she will hide her feelings behind what appears to be a genuinely friendly smile, or she will simply go silent on you. She will hold inside her true thoughts and feelings. The downside of all this is that anger builds up, and then she will respond at a time and place, and in a manner, a Westerner would never expect. The one thing above all to remember is that a Filipina, at the end of the day, is Asian and is a very sensitive lady.

5. The Filipina wife emphasizes a smooth relationship with her husband. Harmony at all times is her goal, and loss of face must be avoided at all times.

6. Yes, the Filipina is very exotic. She has a seductive quality that captivates and hypnotized the Western man’s eye. I fell in love with my Filipina wife the first moment I laid eyes on her, and I love her more today than I did 20 years ago. It is an amazing experience.